Erica M. Daniel

Erica M. Daniel is dynamic global health practitioner with expertise in strategic and project development; portfolio and operational management; and monitoring and evaluation. Her experience has allowed her to work and live in numerous countries across Latin America, East Africa and West Africa. In hopes of trying to change the social experience Erica launched For the Love of Fufu earlier this year. For the Love of Fufu is an events based platform pairing interactive conversations and novel experiences. Erica strongly believes everyone can have an active role in their entertainment and should be a part of creating the experience. Invoking the spirit of fufu, Erica is determined to pave a new culture and event standard that push the limits and allow for a truly unique experience which bridges cultures and serves as a connector. Curated experiences in the past have been: "Fufu Day Party", "Indulge and Play", and "Strictly Platonic."

Beyond her fufu journey, Erica is an avid traveler and the Lead Curator for GlobaLuminary Consulting, a curated travel experience firm. She has been to over 35 different countries and loves empowering others to have the travel journey of their dreams and pushes everyone to discover who they truly are. After all, "What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?"