betina quest
Artist, Founder and Director of abantu+
Artist, Founder and Director of abantu+

abantu+ is a newly founded initiative by creatives for creatives in Ghana.

We offer room for gathering, for exchange and for growth. For we aspire to be the change we want to see.
Going forward we want to offer
- high quality equipped rehearsal space
- music lessons by professional musicians and
- an environment designed to inspire creation.

We believe in the power of collaboration as much as in the value of each individual for the creating of a better, enlightened tomorrow.


betina quest is the Founder and Director of abantu+.
A proud Burundian of many cultures.
A devoted artist of many layers.
A woken twenty-something of many tales.

Having lived in five countries of four different continents, life instilled a lasting excitement for (self-)reflection, mirrored in her character and music.
bq is Soul, Hip Hop, Electro, Afro Folk and Spoken Word. She is beat-biased song blended with spheric sounds from her synthesizer, conversational lyrics and dynamic vocals.
Her beats are built the non-conventional way using body music, effects and a loop station which she often recreates live for viewers to witness.

She holds a B.A. in Popmusic Design // Singing and Songwriting, a M.A. in Popular Music // Educating Artist and toured internationally with Cirque du Soleil.