Cynthia Mukendy
Cynthia Mukendy African Gist founder

Experienced digital and content marketer with international experience, Cynthia has worked for brands and organizations in different industries and active in countries like Belgium, France, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and DR. Congo. She fluently speaks French, English and Lingala, is proficient in Dutch and has notions in Swahili and Yoruba. 

Cynthia Mukendy strongly believes in youth potential and technology for development. Therefore, she founded African Gist, a Belgian based non-profit organisation bringing together African young talents and tech entrepreneurs for mutual empowerment through the use of digital tools for business and professional development.

Founded in 2017, African Gist has empowered over 110+ youths in Belgium, Nigeria, and DRCongo through collaborative training series involving young talents and successful tech entrepreneurs. 

African Gist also provides professional training to companies' staff using digital tools for business growth. Our network of 50+ selected international experts in the fields of business and digital provide training to entrepreneurs and startups in Africa.