Laura Natilia
Laura Ferdinand

Laura Natilia is a diasporian afro-caribbean queer woman with roots in Dominica, France and Australia. Since 2017, she has been working on a webseries and an ethnographic fieldwork with spoken word artists living on Wurundjeri country (Melbourne, Australia), France and Rwanda. By working through both humanities and visual art, her goal is to deepen her understanding of where technology, gender, ethnicity, class and diasporic experiences merge. Her research project "Poetry, Identity and Society: the structuring dynamics of spoken word artists' and their spaces" provided her with a few answers and many more questions that she would be thrilled to share with a wider audience in Accra: How does an artist's relationship to media and technology evolves through space and time? How can we comprehend the exchange of ideas between African and Caribbean scholars and artists ? How do we position ourselves in the current context of black technopoetics? How is creative activism used to reshape our heritage?

In sustaining a conversation on those ideas, she intends to apply a methodology outside of the -ism movements in ethnography, which have historically all sought to integrate the object of their studies in a time vaccum where they erase the entanglements of the human experiences in order to create an inoperable and stagnant state of being (Glissant, The Caribbean Discourse: 40).

Visual anthropology is a category that her work could be put in although she believes in the fluid aspect of one's professional career.