Valerio Lopes

Hi! I’m Valerio (Val) Lopes, the creator and founder of Afryk and Medeo.

I would describe myself as a storyteller and African Griot of the technology age. I am pretty much a nomad, primarily based in my dreams, somewhere in a land of peace equality and justice for all.

I was born in Luxembourg, both of my parents are from the Cape Verde Islands.

I have a degree in Audio Engineering and became later a self-thought programmer and digital smith, forging a number of apps and digital products.

My main goal is to allow our African History and Heritage to be transported over and thought in all the ways that technology enabled us to express ourselves.

I've worked previously as an audio engineer for film and music, designer (on and offline), director, editor, consultant ... and I am one of the founding members of ADYNE (African Diaspora Youth Network In Europe)

I try to be socially responsible in my work and professional activities, defend African Values wherever it is possible, and contribute to the development of my people and continent.