Which session formats can be selected and what is their duration?

re:publica Accra features different formats. You can select between the following in the CfP form (make sure to plan in time for a Q&A of at least 10 minutes at the end of your session):

  • Talk (30 minutes or 1 hour)

Well-prepared presentation on a topic. Possible as a talk, but also as a reading, interview or fireside chat. 1-2 people

  • Discussion (1 hour)

Balanced discussion on a specific topic. Possible as a panel debate or fishbowl conversation. Maximum of 4 speakers, including the presenter => The limit on featured persons includes the presenter. GENDER BALANCE applies to all formats. 50 % of the speakers must be female.

  • Workshop (1- to maximum of 2 hours)

Intensive (practical) session in which knowledge on a specific topic is communicated or specific skills are mediated. 1-2 workshop leaders

  • Activity (varies)

Flash mob, field test, installation, exhibition, concert, pop-up happening, DJ set, activities with re:publica visitors and working with the results on-location – bring your ideas to re:publica!