Divine Puplampu

Divine volunteers as an IT Associate with the Ghana Community Radio Network. A proud role he has been performing for the past 10-years.

Outside voluntary work, he is a Developer, Technology Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing enthusiast. He co-founded and started his first company whilst in University.

He is currently the Technical Lead at Stimuluz, a company he co-founded. Stimuluz provides IT Solutions to numerous clients. Divine is also a Web Developer Consultant for EIB Network, one of Ghana’s biggest media Brands.

In his leisure time, Divine considers himself a tech-evangelist. He hosted and produced the only IT show on Radio via Radio Univers during his University days. Occasionally, Divine organizes free training for the youth (mostly Christian youth) on harnessing Social Media for good.

He also volunteers in various tech and Digital Media related roles for the Nneka Youth Foundation, GUBA Enterprise and Trinity Baptist Church.