Khadidiatou Sall
Founder & Executive Director

Khadidiatou Sall is a Senegalese Molecular biologist. Her research interests are primarily the molecular mechanisms behind stress tolerance in plants. Discovering the underlying genes for such phenomena can enable the creation of a new generation of crops that are resistant to certain environmental stresses such as drought. Khadidiatou has experienced working in STEAM organizations and science museums for many years in France and USA. This has inspired her to found in early 2016, SeeSD, a not for profit that promotes STEAM education in Senegal. SeeSD is promoting STEAM from a profound new perspective by changing the cultural presumptions under which it is taught and learned. The organization is for instance teaching STEAM topics in local languages (mainly in Wolof) and are integrating traditional knowledge in the teachings. Since the beginning, the organization has empowered over 400 children through the hands-on STEAM workshops they have offered.