Stage 3
18:45 - 19:15
Breaking The Gender Stereotype In Technology: A Theatrical Approach


We employ the efficiency of theatre as a communication tool to create awareness and debunk gender stereotypes in technology. This will be a random flash mob style gathering with a melodramatic act centered around a young woman and her technology career choice. We will engage attendees in a session of fun while passing on the message, “Tech is not a man’s world”.


A group of performers will gather randomly at a spot to do a dance presentation centered around a young girl making a career choice. While the gender divide in technology is a global topic, it is important to consider the sociocultural context in Ghana. This act will highlight the hurdles young girls have to jump choosing technology as a career. It will challenge some gender stereotypes that plague technology as a career path. It will further shed light on the success story that comes from pushing the limit, a thriving career in technology.

The performance will go a step further to promote the need for a support system involving all stakeholders towards bridging the gender gap. It will place emphasis on the role private sector, parents and importantly men working in technology play to shape and encourage young women and girls in their quest to pursue a career in technology. Our successful IT main character goes on to support her friends to gain relevant digital skills for today’s digital economy.

Our fun and energetic performers will involve attendees in this act performing local dance moves that can easily be learnt. Employing the flash mob approach, this act will happen at least three times at different spot to ensure most people get in on the fun without losing sight of the main message, “Tech is not a man’s world”

This presentation will be done by Act for Change, an NGO in Jamestown that uses theatre to sensitize audience on developmental issues.