Andi Teichmann

Andi and his brother Hannes Teichmann are musicians, DJs, label makers and cultural activists. They have been an integral part of Berlin’s techno underground since the late 1990s. During this period, they have also experienced Berlin’s transition from a subcultural oasis to a global brand. But they have never been interested in the commercial aspect of club culture: The sons of a multi-instrumentalist influenced the DIY culture of the early scene with their constant search for diversity and the playful desire for improvisation and transformation. 
The brothers have collaborated with numerous artists across a variety of genres from electronic and hip hop to contemporary, traditional or experimental music.
In cooperation with the Goethe Institute they´ve been initiators and co-organizers of the much-noted Africa Europe projects Berlin - Nairobi BLNRB and the follow-up project TEN CITIES, they developed and hosted SOUNDCAMPS in Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Mexico. 
Home in Berlin they´ve been curating festivals and concerts with artists from all around the world.
Their musical activities from DJing, giving workshops and playing live sets have taken them to over 60 countries as far as Afghanistan, Honduras, Sibiria or Angola.
Their label NOLAND, founded in 2015, bundles this path from the underground to the interground.